Friday, August 12, 2011

Excuses, excuses...

So, instead of putting out any more shit this summer, I hopped on a weirdly cheap flight to Central America and had myself a vacation from my three months off of work.  Sorry.  Maybe if America was cooler I wouldn't have to freak out and leave so often.

Anyway, although not much is happening Unreal City-wise, Dan Bouse has been keeping busy, making some by turns ambient and beautiful and vehemently wrathful and oppressively bleak suburban basement black metal all by his lonesome, believe it or not.  Play this shit loud.  And in complete darkness.

A tape will be released soon on my dear friend Toby Mimosa's goth/straight edge Bleak Environment label.

While you're at it, buy the Tollund Men tape.  Sure to eclipse anything else coming out of Denver for years to come.  Hey Neal, don't forget who you played with first!

Anybody wanna make a Transformations video?  Predictably, I don't have a video camera...

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