All realeases are cassette only, $5 local, $8 mailorder.  Paypal here and don't forget to tell me where to send it.

UC1- The Transformations "The Ministry of Love" (October 2008)
Unreal City's slightly embarrassing reason for coming into being.  Ten songs written from the perspective of Winston Smith, Orwell's protagonist in 1984, trying real hard to sound like Magnetic Fields.  No MP3s available, but there are still a few copies left.

UC2- Daniel Bouse "June" (July 2009)
Recorded during an intensely creative phase at the outset of a Denver summer in a house on 13th street.  It's an expansive, exhilarating, at-times lilting, at-times overwhelming, epic-psychedelic-pop-gem that got inexcusably poorly packaged, underpromoted and ultimately overlooked.  No copies available.  Reissue soon.

UC3- The Transformations "Curse All Summers" (June 2011)
An understated, underproduced, undercooked monument to getting burned hard and the ensuing feelings of bleak apathy and summertime bitterness.  Cold, smooth jams to bum out to whilst the youth is pulled from beneath your feet.  Listen to it in full (though inexplicably quietly) here.