Monday, September 26, 2011

Pump up the volume

I finally figured out how to increase the volume level of the songs on "Curse All Summers" without making my speakers buzz in a distasteful, un-artsy kind of way.  Behold: the sort of louder version of my album!

Please note that the transitions between songs sound a lot cooler on the tape, for which it was sequenced.  I don't know and am admittedly too indifferent, busy or lazy to figure how to make it sound good for Bandcamp.

If you downloaded the album and feel burned that you got the unimproved, barely audible version, email me for a fresh code.

p.s.  I found a live praying mantis in the parking lot of  Target the other day.  Totally blew my mind.  Just the second one I've ever seen in Denver, though there used to be a lot in Grand Junction.  Been seeing less and less of them as time goes one.  Makes me worried.  Anyway, I carried it over to a green spot to save it from being squashed by careless shoppers.
p.p.s. Would somebody review this fucking thing?

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