Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reviews, Revisitings...

Local cool-guys Crawford Philleo and Tom Murphy wrote up super nice reviews for "Curse All Summers" on Tome to the Weather Machine and The Westword, respectively.  In the spirit of synergy, I'd like to voice my endorsement for their bands Vitamins and Pythian Whispers, two of the only really great things happening currently in Denver.  The title track for Vitamins' new 7" is totally this summer's main jam.

In other news, I'm determined to finally give Unreal City's 2nd release, "June" by Daniel Bouse, the treatment it actually deserves.  Everybody that's heard it pretty much agrees it's the greatest thing since mother's love.  It's been two years (!) since Dan and I lived together on 13th street, but dropping the ball on his bedroom-made gem is something that's bummed me out ever since.  This is the flier our buddy Neil Samples made for the release show:

It's been too long, but better late than never.  I believe in these songs as much now as I did back then.  I'll see about getting something online soon and will be shooting for hard copies before summer is out.

Celebration time.

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