Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Curse All Summers"

Just in time for summer, Unreal City #3 "Curse All Summers" was released last Friday, June 10th at the Further Shoppe in downtown Denver.  The show almost didn't happen, but turned out wonderfully.  If you are reading this, you were probably there because that's pretty much the only way you would have gotten a copy of the tape and definitely the only way you could have heard about the blog address for this so-called "label".

If by some weird chance you are reading this but don't have a copy and by some weirder chance you actually want one, send $8 by Paypal to westonleewilson (at) gmail with your address and I'll get one off in the mail to you.  If you're in Denver, just email me and I'll take it straight to your house for five bucks flat.  If you think you might want one but aren't sure, download jam number two and see how you feel about it.

A digital version of the tape might become available someday, somehow, but that possibility is contingent on my finding a place to live and having internet access that isn't leeched off my buddy's neighbors' router.  Such a contingency would also, perhaps, probably provide the means to learn computers and get this "label page" looking like more than an empty crap-void.  Incidentally, if you know computers and have computers and want to help a brother out, get a hold of me.

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